In this section we attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online slot games in the UK.

What is the purpose of Best Online Slot Sites?

Our purpose is to sign-post trustworthy online casinos that offer an excellent range of casino slots as well as an immersive gaming experience.

Do you include online casinos that do not have UK licensing?

In a word: No. Every website included on Best Online Slot Sites must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission; the official regulatory body which oversees all gambling operations in the United Kingdom.

What kind of slot games can I found on these sites?

Many of the gaming sites that you’ll find on BOSS offer multiple slot variants including video, classics, standard slots and jackpots. Some also feature Slingo.

What’s the difference between video slots and standard slots?

Video slots usually comprise more in-game elements than standard slot games such as multiple game reels, paylines and bonus features. Standard/classic slot games usually consist of simplified game-play that’s more akin to old-school mechanical slots.

What is a Payline?

A payline is a combination of symbols that results in a win. Its number varies according to the amount of reels used by an online slot game. For three-reel slots, there’s usually just one. However there can be as many as 50 paylines for online slots with five or more reels.

What is a Scatter Symbol?

The scatter symbol unlocks in-game features and bonuses. But unlike standard symbols, which must be lined up on a pre-defined payline, a scatter can appear anywhere on a slot’s reels to unlock things like free spins and mini-games. Scatters are usually the highest-paying symbols in any slot game and are often signified by a special graphic or animation.

What is a Wild Symbol?

Wilds substitute for all other symbols on the reels (apart from scatters) to complete winning paylines. After scatters, they are the most sought-after symbols on most online casino slots. Like scatter symbols, they’re usually signified by an elaborate animation or graphic.

Are Online Slots Fixed?

Despite popular misconceptions, certified online slots are not fixed. They operate with the aid of random number generator (RNG) software which helps to ensure that outcomes are fair and free of manipulation. This software is subjected to rigorous testing and audits by authoritative bodies such as eCOGRA.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a slot/bingo hybrid that incorporates elements of both games. The basic rules require a player to spin five numbers which are located above or below a virtual bingo card. Any corresponding numbers found on the card can then be marked off. Slingo Boom operates according to the same principles except that players compete with one another to win a prize pot.

Do I need to download software to play online slot games?

In most cases, there’s no need to download software to play online slot games. Recent technological advances, in particular HTML5, mean that the vast majority of online slot games can be played within your web browser.

What are Progressive Jackpot Slots and how do they work?

Progressive slots are high-return games which offer jackpots of up to £1 million and above. In order to offer such enormous prizes, these games are linked to a cash pool which is fed by a wide network of depositing players. They’re called ‘progressive jackpots’ because the prize keeps growing until somebody gets the right combination. However, progressive games tend to have a low RTP.

What is RTP and why is it important for Online Slot Players?

RTP is an acronym which stands for ‘Return to Player’. It describes the amount of money an online casino game will return to a player in the long term and is a percentage of the total wins over total stakes made.

What is a Good Slot RTP?

As a general rule of thumb, an acceptable RTP is something between 93% and 95%. A good RTP is in the range of 95% to 97% while an excellent RTP is anything over 97%.

How Does Wagering Work?

Wagering is a multiplier that signifies the number of times a player has to ‘play-through’ a bonus before any winnings may be withdrawn. So for a £100 bonus with x30 wagering rules, you’ll need to spend £3000 on eligible games before any winnings can be withdrawn. This is why it’s so important to pay attention to these caveats when selecting a bonus.